Building: "The Right Way"

Of the numerous homes we create, no two are alike. This is attributed to the intensive participation our clientele undertake. Individual accents and contribution in design emphasize the distinctive details our customer’s desire within their home. With unified effort, we are able to create homes with unique traits of which all parties can be proud. This is part of the formula in building a tradition of excellence. The fulfillment of a completed Cormier built home demonstrates the tenacity of craftsmanship and attention to detail we undertake. We will continue to provide unsurpassed service even after you have occupied your new residence; our thorough punch lists and service oriented team will assure your environment lives up to the standards you expect in a new home.

Cormier Home Construction is a premier homebuilder of custom homes. For years we have specialized in turning our customers’ dreams into reality. Whether it’s a new home or addition/renovation, we’ll help you build it.

From foundation to completion, we implement today’s energy saving technologies while providing the aesthetic appeal to our buyers. That commitment of excellence has served us well, attracting new clients and former clients alike.

We deliver customer satisfaction in all our work, timely results, and best of all, a pricing structure that makes sense. We have been providing superior craftsmanship for years and will do so for years to come