Bob - North Reading, MA

The saying holds true when referring to "something happens when you least expect it." While travelling through North Reading on Mother's Day in 2004, I passed an extraordinary looking mansard colonial-style home that was having an open house. Although I was not a potential buyer, I decided to see what the inside had to offer. I was quite impressed to say the least. The inside of the home was truly as magnificent as the exterior. The workmanship and attention to detail delivered by Cormier Home Construction throughout the entire house was astonishing. One can see the quality of materials and the superior craftsmanship in making this home a one of a kind. Although this custom home was not contracted by me, the builder's finished product made it feel as if this could become "my home." As I mentioned previously, I was not looking to move or purchase a new home. However, I quickly reconsidered. I have been living here for about 6 years. From the moment I bought this house, Cormier Home Construction has gone above and beyond in adjusting and fixing minor issues with the home. They have shown how sincere and dedicated they are to their work. High recommendations from previous customers assured me that I had made the right decision. Cormier Home Construction realizes their customers are the most valued asset of their business. I would highly recommend them for future home construction or renovation projects.

Neal & Malu - Wellesley

After a year in our new house, Malu and I want to thank all of you for creating our "home." Cormier Home Construction partnered with us to realize our goals. In the winter of 2008, we came across a home under construction in Wellesley. Upon finalizing a deal, work continued but became "custom" to our preferences. We had several change orders, which required patience and organization from all parties involved. We wanted to make changes to "personalize" our new home to meet our specific design needs. Cormier Home Construction worked with us to make that happen. Addi- tionally, when an issue arose, Francis and Bernie were readily accessible to investigate and resolve. More importantly, Cormier Home Construction has been there "after-the-sale." Their assistance in getting matters resolved after we moved in has been very much appreciated. They truly go the extra mile to please their customers. Through their commitment, integrity, and the talent of their staff, we received a quality home and good value.

Dan & Mona - Boxford, MA

In 2005, my wife and I were referred to Cormier Home Construction by various friends in town. After meeting with builder Bernard Cormier, also a Boxford resident, we were impressed with his willingness to listen to our needs, as well as his suggestions we should consider during the building process. Our home was truly a custom design that was slated for an 18 month completion. Even with the weather constraints, Cormier Home Construction made it possible to move into our home within 15 months. Several times during construction, clarification and updates were necessary. Bernie dealt with these issues promptly. His "hands on builder" attitude is quite impressive. On the job-site daily, Bernie monitored the progress and quality of the workmanship. Upon completion of our home, Cormier Home Construction has continued to work at our property with the extensive landscape we are creating. In 2008, I needed Cormier Home Construction's services again on my commercial build-out located in Andover, MA. The fact that they created such an excellent customer experience made choosing them again an easy business decision. The Cormier brothers' ongoing commitment and passion for getting the job done right is the reason I continue to use them. I value their opinion and their strive for excellence while providing a fair price.

Bernie & Cheryl - North Reading, MA

In the fall of 2002, we had been working with an architect on a new home to be built in North Reading. We decided to have builder Francis Cormier review the set of drawings we had completed to date. Upon arriving at his home, located within a neighborhood of homes constructed by the Cormier brothers, Francis gave us a tour of his custom home. We were very impressed with the unique floor layout and decorative detail within the home. We decided to scrap our original house plans and asked if he would be willing to construct our home based upon the home he had personally designed for himself. He said "no problem," and we have never regretted our decision. Cormier Home Construction went the extra mile. Our home was modified to reflect our persona- lities and growing family. Their input and expertise was in- valuable. We consider them very professional and now, personal friends. Building a home can be stressful and an odious experience. A major undertaking such as this can be full of challenges and surprises. We appreciated their personal attention and patience. From beginning to end, they kept us informed on all elements of the building process. During new construction, there is enough stress without worrying about your homebuilder. In the end, the result truly exceeded our expectations in scope, craftsmanship and quality.